A high quality surround gaming tablet! Leads the D-Day attack as Allied invasion of World War! Defeat the occupying forces and recovers France; sweeping beaches, clears and releases the trenches struggling cities in the landscapes of Normandy.
Experience the 3rd person shooter with stunning graphics definitive, precise controls, advanced physics, destructible environments and voiceovers.Skip squarely in the heat of battle and take your device to the limit!
Experience five separate campaigns with 145 missions based on landings from the beaches, Juno, Sword, Utah, Gold and Omaha. Destroy tanks and guns powerful to allow Allied forces advance. Grab a weapon and download it against fortified positions. Take charge of anti-aircraft guns to shoot down bombers and their escorts before they can release the load.
Battle your way through enemy territory! Crosses the battlefield dodging mines and jumping barriers while searching the next point of coverage to avoid enemy fire. Emerge from destructible cover points to take on waves of enemies!
Get to the front with a variety of classic weapons of the Second World War. Grab a old rifle to shoot down enemies with precision or, if you prefer, a machine gun to release a hail of bullets. Make use of artillery against enemy soldiers or loads a bazooka to reduce tanks to rubble.
what´s new?
bug fixes and performance improvements
More Info: 
Download APK
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APK FILES™ Frankenstein HD APK v1.017 ~ Full Cracked

Frankenstein HD APK v1.017 

Frankenstein HD (full) APK v1.017
Requirements: 2.3.3+
Overview: The ★ EXTENDED EDITION ★ has finally arrived! 
✔ New puzzles
✔ New scenes
✔ New objects
✔ New mini-games
✔ New characters
✔ An improved interface, brought to life with the collection of key objects
✔ An improved gaming experience
✔ A longer life span
Help Brad to find the parts of Janet’s body, his fiancée, as well as the pieces of the monstrous machine which will put her body back together… in Frankenstein’ manor!
Brad is looking for his wife, Janet, who has disappeared for a few months.
After a long search, his quest leads him to Bavaria, near a manor house where his car breaks down. Brad discovers that the house is owned by a weird scientist: Lord Albrecht von Frankenstein. Janet has been his last “experiment”. She’s still alive, but his body has been set apart, and all the parts have been scattered around the house.
Brad has to find them, and all the missing pieces of the machine that works to put together again Janet’s body.
Open wide your eyes and help Brad in his quest through several hidden objects screens. And enjoy the humoristic dialogs.
Find all Janet’s body parts, the machine missing pieces; collect objects that allow you to go on and solve the enigma; find a means to free the way… 
Thanks to the x2 zoom, dive into the pictures! And if you still miss some objects, use the Hint: a shiny halo helps you to find one of the objects.
Discover all the manor house rooms in their every detail: the greenhouse, the torture room, the cemetery… Their realism will hold your breath more than once. And the music and sounds will amplify your immersion in Frankenstein’s world.
Investigation, suspense, horror… and humour! You’ll be seduced by the dialogs’ second degree!
☞ 23 screens to examine
☞ Free navigation 
☞ Search of objects (of a list, identical objects, to collect)
☞ Unlimited help: x2 zoom, reloading hints
☞ Magnificent sets: high resolution images
More Info:

Download APK+Mirror
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APK FILES™ Helidroid Battle PRO : Copter APK v1.0.1 ~ Full Cracked

Helidroid Battle PRO : Copter APK v1.0.1 
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: A 3D Radio-Control Helicopter Fighting game in a house. ALL COPTERS AND MAPS UNLOCKED
★★ 3 Helicopters Unlocked ★★
★★ 3 Environments Unlocked ★★
★★ Ads Free ★★
Helidroid Battle PRO : Copter APK v1.0.1

Control a little RC helicopter in different rooms of a house.
In front of you, you will fight another RC helicopter, piloted by the AI : dodge rockets, turn on the machine gun and prepare to fight !
This is the PRO version, with all bonus Unlocked, Free ads.
- 3 models of helicopter : an Apache, a Comanche, and a Super Puma.
- 3 Environments are available : Living Room, Bedroom and Kitchen.
- 30 objectives to accomplish during the fight
- Free-Flight mode
- 1 GHz Cpu to play without lag
It is an endless game, divided into levels. Step by step, the difficulty grows up, with the emergence of missile launchers turrets, and a better AI.
Go as far as possible, and post you score on the Leader-board, to see your official world ranking !
Besides, you have to accomplish 30 objectives during the fight, like shooting down the AI with rockets only, or without loosing one HP…
The objectives are translated in 13 languages.
Or you can just discover the different rooms using the Free-Flight mode, without opponent :
have a good time exploring the environment, and practice your flight.
This game is a one-man developer production, developed in Java with OpenGL. It doesn’t pretend to have the same finish as games made by professionnals.
Therefore, if you notice some bugs, send me an email, and i will fix them as soon as possible !
Concerning the translations, if you find linguistic mistakes, please send me an email to correct them.
You must have at least an 1 GHz Cpu to play without lag.
What do you expect for the next Helidroid ?
- A multiplayer mode : 1vs1 fighting, against other people.
- Solo missions (like the first Helidroid) maybe in cooperation with AI.
You can indicate what you want for the next Helidroid in your comments. Any other ideas are welcome.
Features :
- Pilot the copter with a joystick or the gyro sensor.
- Real physics like a flight simulator or an air plane.
- Shadows and dynamic camera
- Use Accelerometer sensor if the device does not have a Gyro Sensor
- Increase FPS
More Info:
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APK FILES™ Evofish APK v1.0.152 Mod (Unlimited Coin) ~ Full Cracked

Evofish APK v1.0.152 Mod (Unlimited Coin) 
Evofish v1.0.152 Mod (Unlimited Coin)
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Go forth and conquer the vast expanses of the ocean.
Go from prey to predator, while climbing your way to the top of the food chain.
In this original arcade game, use one of the four playable Evofish species. Survive an increasingly deadly host of enemies, climb the evolutionary ladder by eating smaller fry and become the most fearsome predator in this hostile environment.
Whether playing in “Classic” or “Time Attack” mode, you’ll also get the chance to try your hand at daily challenges to win shells that you can then trade for a number of different bonus items.
- Simple and addictive gameplay – eat or be eaten.
- Several different species with their own characteristics.
- 12 levels of evolution for each species.
- Enemies and a game environment that evolve with each level.
- A number of bonuses, such as potions, resurrection and bombs.
- Several unlockable achievements in the Game Center. 
More Info:
Download APK+Mirror
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APK FILES™ Trainz Driver APK v1.0.4 ~ Full Cracked

Trainz Driver APK v1.0.4 
Trainz Driver APK v1.0.4
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: Trainz Driver – Feel the Power in your Pocket!
****** PLEASE NOTE – Ice Cream Sandwich Devices ******
There is a bug in the Mali400 GPU Ice Cream Sandwich drivers which affects all devices running ICS with a Mali400 GPU. (This includes most newer Samsung devices).
We are working hard to work around the issue.
If anyone is experiencing crashes on a device with the Mali400 GPU, please contact support so we can get more information and try to resolve this issue.
There may have been a driver fix in Android 4.0.4 which resolves this problem, but we cannot confirm this.
************************************************** ****
The #1 Ranked “Trainz Simulator” app has now been customized for Phones. Trainz Driver really delivers the goods!
It’s time to pack more horsepower in your pocket and take Trainz Driver with you everywhere you go. With a new user interface, controls, and a mix of realistic routes and arcade style sessions, there is something for everyone with Trainz Driver.
Trainz Driver puts you in the cab of a variety of locomotives from around the world. Choose from the “Easy Mode” speed controls, or the more advanced “Realistic Mode” control system. With multiple camera modes you can fly alongside your favourite train, admire the view from the cab, or watch from trackside all while you interact with industries and passenger stations, picking up and dropping off freight wagons, people, and more!
Expand your experience: You can also create your own Routes and Sessions in Trainz Simulator for Tablet devices (available for separate purchase on Google Play) and then share them with Trainz Driver users through the Download Station. Hundreds of user-created routes are already available, free to download.
What’s in this version:
Version 1.0.4
- Fixed startup issue on Tegra 4.
Version 1.0.3
- All routes are now unlocked.
version 1.0.2
- Enabled water on non-tegra devices.
- More device specific startup fixes.
- Another workaround for another Mali400 driver crash.
version 1.0.1
- Fix for saving sessions with non-default name.
- Fix for startup problem on some devices.
- Workaround for Mali400 driver crash bug. (Note we have unsubstanciated reports that the Mali400 driver crash has been fixed in Android 4.0.4).
More Info:
Download APK+Mirror
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APK FILES™ Mystery Manor APK v1.0.95 ~ Full Cracked

Mystery Manor APK v1.0.95  FREEDOWNLOAD
Mystery Manor APK v1.0.95 [Tegra]
Requirements: Android 2.1+ – Tegra devices
Overview: …Artwork is great, and the plot -which is slowly unveiled- gets more complex at every step…
A mysterious Event took place in the Manor and completely ruined the ordinary life of its inhabitants. Their deeply loved master Mister X has suddenly disappeared leaving nothing but a strange message. Only you can break the secret of the Mystery Manor. Dive into the mystery and challenge yourself with hidden objects action!
Mystery Manor is a mystery-style hidden objects game. In a mystic mansion, inhabited by strange but lovely people, spooky monsters and scary ghosts you’ll have to solve logic puzzles, find hidden objects and unlock new rooms and complete quests. Mystery Manor is a never-ending game. New quests, rooms, characters are being added on a regular basis. Unlike all other Hidden Objects genre games, you will never finish the game.
Despite of the great gameplay and premium graphics quality, the game is absolutely free!
Some great features:
- Explore through the atmosphere of mystery
- Captivating detective story line
- Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
- A wide variety of objects to search and puzzles to solve
- Search for the objects in different modes: words, silhouettes, phenomena, and Zodiac modes.
- Regular updates with new characters, rooms, and quests
- Never-ending mystic gameplay
- Help your friends and ask for their help in return
- Find yourself in the world of pure madness!
- Absolutely FREE
More Info:

Download APK
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APK FILES™ Dog Dress Up – Brand New Game APK ~ Full Cracked

Dog Dress Up – Brand New Game APK 
Dog Dress Up – Brand New Game
Hello everybody and welcome to the biggest pet show featured by Dog Dress up game.
The most famous dog breeds are in this virtual dog game. Choose the one dog or puppy you think has the biggest potential to win, dress up the dog and enjoy this pet dog care game. The extra cool feature in this app is that once you prepare your dog, you can take a picture of you and your sweetie and then brag to all your friends how you’ve played the best pet dog game with the cutest cartoon characters.
Each puppy has its own game. Beagle game is that he’s cute and no one can resist him, not even the judges in the pet competition. Bulldog game is that he’s the strongest guy and a real macho who will be the best in this animal game for kids. The only lady in the show is Miss Poodle, and she will use all of her seducing charm to be the best in this cool dress up game. ;)
App has been tested on HTC One X (Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich), Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread), Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 2.3.7), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Android 3.1 Honeycomb) and Samsung Galaxy Mini (Android 2.2.1 Froyo), Samsung Tablet and smartphones.
Download on Google Play
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APK FILES™ OVOpet Village Life APK [NEW & FREE] ~ Full Cracked

OVOpet Village Life APK [NEW & FREE] 
OVOpet Village Life APK [NEW & FREE]

NEW and FREE Android game – now available on Google Play!
Have you ever wanted to have a pet? Cute little animal to take care of and play with? Are you sick and tired of borring tamagotchi and do you want something more? The game OVOpet – The Village life is game which make all of this came true.
The principles are easy. The egg will fall out of nowhere and little, cute pet will come out of it. You have to take care of it and help it to have a long happy life. The pet will go through three life phases during the game. In each of them it will gain new options. You can grow plants in the garden and take care of animals in the shed. You can also play lot of entertaining minigames. Fulfill the quests that will be given to you by kind grandma in forest, combine the items, cook and many more. The goal is to let the player play the game freely, to choose their own way how to take care of the pet.
We are preparing new rooms, minigames and functions right now, which will make the OVOpet game more enjoyable. All depends on the players, on their responses and support. Without them, the development would be pointless.
Aren’t you convinced yet? Try it, OVOpet game is downloadable for FREE!

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APK FILES™ SPIRITED SOUL APK v1.2.7 ~ Full Cracked

Requirements: 2.0.1 and up
Overview: Full 3D Non-Target RPG Defense!!
Unprecedented venture from Snailteeth, about to write a new chapter for Defense, Spirited Soul !!
Innovative mobile action Defense game! A Charming full 3D Graphic!
Perfect control that everyone can easily enjoy just with a single touch!
RPG? Defense? Now, these are combined to ‘Spirited Soul’ !!
Elia and her friends are having very peaceful days.
One day, however, the world of space and time goes awry and evil energy outburst, and world became swarm with evil monsters and malignant spirits.
Now the last village is getting dangerous. Please help Elia and her friends to save this beautiful world! Come on!
Non-target Action with a single Touch
Difficult to control virtual pad? Spirited Soul can do everything with one single thumb.
Avoid, hit, use fabulous skills! Everything is possible with touch!

Adorable and Beautiful Graphic
We invite you into the beautiful mobile game world with charming Full 3D Graphic.
Troop VS Troop Battle
Only one or two- monsters battle for Full 3D game? Now you can enjoy troops battle,
groups of 10 or 100 monsters in mobile.
Various kinds of Monsters and skills, and HeroVarious kinds of Boss monsters and innumerable common monsters,
unique skills for each Hero and so many items which help your battle success.
You can experience all these things.
My Own Unique Troop Formation
Enough with a battle alone! You can enjoy Group VS Group battle with your own troops.
Constant Updates
From Sky Castle with infinite recording mode, and other heroes, lots of other monsters,
various assistant item to more powerful raid monsters! Various Updates are waiting for you.
Touch! -> Move!, Select!
Double Touch! -> Evade!
What’s in this version:
★Recommended Specifications: CPU dual core, 1GB of memory or more devices.
<1.2.7 update>
★Add to Hero★
★ Bodrock – Colorectal assault
★ Kiki – Arcane Guardian
* Based on the last stage, add the sort functionality.
* Lite version released.
* To game play through a formal purchase can give us great strength. > _ <) b
-Reviews and star is an inspiration to us.> _ <) b
★Will continue adding content and other updates. Thank you.
More Info:
Download APK+Obb
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ASTRO File Manager Browser Pro v4.3.467 APK

ASTRO File Manager / Browser apk

ASTRO File Manager has 27 million downloads on the Android Market and 225,000 reviews!
It’s like Windows Explorer or Mac’s Finder for your phone or tablet and allows you to easily browse and organize all of your pictures, music, videos and documents. It also gives you the ability to stop processes that burn battery life and backup your apps in case you lose or change phones.
Personalize the look of ASTRO by downloading different colored icon sets using our “theme” feature!
It’s picture view works better than standard galleries and ASTRO is in dozens of Top Ten Android App lists and has been recommended in books. DOWNLOAD NOW.
Features include: file management, android file browser, file and/or app backup, image and text viewers, networking, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip/ Tar, downloader, thumbnails, search files, application manager, task manager, attachments and more…
What’s in this version:
Box integration.
  • View Settings allows you to change size of icons.
  • Shortcut (the Star) Creation & Deletion works
  • Search & Advanced Search
  • ** Click “My Files” for file management (copy/move/delete/etc) **
  • * NEW: Facebook Photo support
  • * NEW: New Picture Gallery
  • * NEW: Image Viewer enhancements including rotate picture
  • * SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox support
Video Review:
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