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Whack The Beans APK v1.0.8 
Whack The Beans APK v1.0.8
Requirements: Android 2.2+
We whack a lot of stuff from moles to roaches but no one ever whack beans!
That why we make this game so you can whack these evil beans from outer space to invade earth.
You are the last defense against the beans so show no mercy. Hit as much as you can to enter high score but be careful about the counter attack from beans. There are bombs in their shell and earth will be ruined if they arrive!
As level progress, you will rise up into space and eventually get the the mother star of the beans. Can you withstand their final assault against earth!? Take no chance and download now!
This game is connected with Money Tree system so you can transfer coins from money tree if you need it.
What’s in this version:
* High score no longer display duplicate player
* Minor fix on integration from money tree
* Fix loading error
* Add upload score text
More Info:
Download APK
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